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Semper Seco is a super water-repellent coating based on nanotechnology capable of repelling up to 96% of the water on its contact surface. Ideal to facilitate cleaning, add shine, revitalize and protect against the harmful action of external agents such as the sun, water, bacteria, oil, corrosion, freezing, pollution, dust, chlorine, etc. Semper Seco has numerous applications, coming in 4 versions adapted to extract the best of its potential.


  • Cars.
  • Glasses.
  • Clothing.
  • Plastic, Concrete, Wood and Other Surfaces.



For more product information, visit the SEMPER SECO  page within the PRODUCTS  section of Project Company.


Always Dry: A Project X Product - Project Company.

Always Dry - Super Hydrophobic Coating Based on Nanotechnology

  • How to use: Visit the Semper Seco page within the section of products of Project Company to see how to use it.