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Gandalf Beer
Gandalf Beer Pilsen
Gandalf Beer Weiss
Gandalf Beer Pale Ale
Gandalf Beer IPA
Gandalf Beer Dark
Gandalf Beer Lager - Dry Hopped


The fascination of each sip presents o perfect balance of its notes. In order to escape the conventional, Gandalf Beer was forged with a light and flavored recipe. Almost like an elixir, its unmistakable flavor has made   lovers from all over the world fall in love with its formula. For us, Gandalf Beer is one of the  best beers we've ever tasted.

Gandalf Beer

Careful! After trying a Gandalf Beer your beer will never be the same.

Gandalf Beer

Amada  wherever you go, Gandalf Beer is ideal for sharing moments of joy.

Gandalf Beer

Its unique formulation makes Gandalf Beer a refreshing and unmistakable experience.

Sing with your friends!

If you're lucky enough to have excited friends, sing the song that inspired our slogan with them. If you do, don't forget to send us a photo of your get-together.

Gandalf Beer The Pilsen.png

Beer styles Pilsen se  originate from Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Estes geralmente apresentam corpo médios e são caracterizados pela alta carbonização e picante variedade de lúpulos_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_Czech which convey floral aromas and a crisp bitter finish.


German de Pilsen  styles are similar, though often slightly lighter in body and color. The hallmark of a fresh Pilsen is the dense, white head. Alcohol levels should be such as to give a rounded mouth, typically around 5% ABV.


Classic Pilsens are downright refreshing, delicate and must be fresh to show your best. Large Pilsens are technically difficult to make and relatively expensive to produce.

Gandalf Beer The Lager - Dry Hopped.png

Lagers are the standard style of international beer. This style is a generic spin-off of the Pilsen style. Pale Lagers are generally light to medium bodied, with a light to medium hop impression and a clean, present malt character. Quality, from a flavor point of view, is very variable within this style and many breweries use a proportion of non-malt adjuncts such as rice or corn in their brewing. The alcohol content is typically between 3.5 a 5% ABV, with the higher end of the range being preferred if one is to get a true mouthfeel.

Gandalf Beer The Weiss.png

As the name suggests, these are beers that use a proportion of wheat in the wort to add a protein haze. Wheat beers inspired by the German weizen tradition were popular before prohibition in the US and are enjoying a resurgence in this popularity. This generic category encompasses the diverse interpretation of many places. A number of variables ranging from wheat/malt ratio, hopping and filtration/non-filtration contribute to wide variations in style.


Weizenbocks are essentially de wheat de winter beers, originally brewed in Bavaria. Its color can be pale gold to brown. Estes são de maior teor alcoólico, mostrando uma personalidade de aquecimento, embora ainda tenham uma rocky head significativa quando served. Estas cervejas são ricas e maltadas com estery e yeasty,  mostrando uma deliciosa nota de trigo em seu revestimento.

Gandalf Beer The Pale Ale.png
pale ale

The Pale Ale style is essentially the beer that launched the modern beer revolution in America. This was a revelation for beer lovers who were looking for something flavorful and distinctly American. Highly aromatic and cleanly bitter from the  use of American hops, with a crisp but fruity body, this new beer offered a tasty alternative to traditional alternatives.

Even though Pale Ales have been new to Americans for 30 years, this style has a history in England that reaches by_751c-394de -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_back 300 years.

Gandalf Beer The IPA.png

The citrusy fruity aroma of American hops strongly marks this beer, in addition to the characteristic bitterness and the beautiful coppery amber color. A dense, velvety and persistent foam crowns this beer that impresses with its appearance.


The history of India Pale Ale (IPA) is one of the most romantic in the history of beer. At the height of its empire, Britain had emigrants, sailors and troops all over the world, with India being one of its most important outposts. Everyone wanted beer!

Meeting this demand, among other beers, George Hodgson, a brewer in the late 17th century, exported a strong pale ale. Probably brewed with extra hop additions and at higher alcohol levels, thus becoming a preferred export to the English colonies. This came to be called an India Pale Ale, or IPA.

Gandalf Beer The Dark.png

Dunkel is the original style of lager, serving as the precursor to today's modern lagers. They originated in and around Bavaria, and are widely brewed there and around the world. At their best, these beers combine chocolate or licorice notes associated with the use of dark roasted malts and the roundness and crisp character of a lager.

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