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High Fives


At Project Company we believe in your potential, don't miss this great opportunity for personal and professional growth. To participate in the volunteer or internship program, simply submit your application using the form below.

For the volunteer program, we are looking for people who are proactive and willing to grow. You will undertake challenging activities that will require a high degree of discipline and constant learning. Your mission will be to improve yourself every day, while ours will be to help you in your development.

For the internship program, in addition to the above characteristics, you must submit your project for approval. It can be related to any activity or area of activity of your choice, but we suggest that it be something you want to work on in the future. Your mission will be to develop the same, while ours will be to help you to perform it.

The entire program is carried out online, where once approved you will receive a mentor within the Project Company. This will be your personal mentor and will help you with all the challenges you encounter, together with our multidisciplinary team and specialists in various business areas. Don't waste time and apply today, we look forward to hearing from you.

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